4 days ago
Obituary for Stella Mae Scarbrough at Miller Funeral Home

Our sweet Sister Scarbrough has made her journey to Heaven. She was one of our founding members. We will miss her and her prayers dearly.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

2 weeks ago

We fully realize that our Elderly and those with Health Issues need to Stay In!!! However, for those who are able to come and worship we will be having Church.

3 weeks ago

We will be having Church tomorrow! Hope to see you!!!

3 months ago
Photos from Friendsville Bible Methodist Church's post

Congratulations Laura Salinas on your Graduation from High School!!!
We are so proud of you! We have been so blessed to have you as a part of our church! Your smile lights up a room🥰

3 months ago

Thankfully no one was in distress!!!😂
Thank you Maryville Fire Department for getting us out!

3 months ago

Had a great time Christmas caroling! Stuck in an elevator for about 30 minutes. Thank you Maryville Fire Department for getting us out!!!

4 months ago

Thank You for your Service!
Pastor Bentz
Bro. Baker
Bro. Bishop